Margherita Allievi




IG: marghe_all


Miguel Cepero



Sam Kindon




IG: samkindon

Ariel Narunsky-Two Foxes.jpg

Ariel Narunsky


fine art

Llinos Owen


fine art


IG: lliinos


Rober Green


founder of Greenfinch Guardians

Claudia Naen


textile designer


IG: claudianaen


London attracts all sorts of creatives who are willing to learn, talk about or buy all kinds of art — paintings, photography and various designer oeuvres. It was a real challenge to put the first issue together and think of the diverse content that would create a platform where people from the creative industry could share their experiences.

Art of Semiology magazine is a collaborative project designed
for emerging and aspiring creative Londoners by the same kind of young and ambitious people. Our sphere of interests is not limited to one medium. This is why in this issue we looked into conceptual fine artists (11, 25), up-and- coming photographers (43), a textile designer whose vivid personality reflects upon everything she touches (35), and a theatre virtuoso (17). In addition, we collected some very useful tips from the founder of Greenfinch Guardians (5). We all want to share our passion, so my team and I aim to expand and polish our future content to make it even more profound and artistic.

The moment we started putting the pages together, we felt even more excited about the project. We hope that all art lovers and makers will find our magazine helpful, entertaining and inspiring.